The Platypus Man either evolved over millions of years through several flukes of mutation, or was created by a [possibly mad] pseudo-scientist and hatched in a laboratory somewhere in Minneapolis, MN in 2001.

Since then this human-animal-super-hybrid has been giving birth to creatures of his own, starting with Flash sites/animations, and evolving into more standards-compliant webbed creations as the Flash species approaches extinction.

Whether you’re an artist, a non-profit, small business, or large corporation… if you want a website or brand identity that is unique and memorable, that has personality and evokes an emotional response — then Platypus Man would love to create something for you.

Why “Platypus Man”?

I’ve long been fascinated — even obsessed — by this strange creature; an apparent fluke of evolution who belongs everywhere yet nowhere.

I identify with this mutant, who is many things but not essentially one thing. The embodiment of the identity crisis.

Similarly, I do many things — some well, some less well. And rather than try to decide what I want to be when I grow up, I’ve just decided to be all these things, rather than be defined by one of them.

“And how does this affect your approach to design?” you may be asking. Well, I hope it’s clear that I like to think outside the box a bit, and do not appreciate the “cookie-cutter” method. I like to play the Mad Scientist, to put things together that don’t necessarily belong together and see what happens. While I can certainly create more conventional graphics and web sites, if that is what’s desired, my preference and motto is: Originality above all else.